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Who we are.

Dogs Life Training Services is a professional training provider for dogs of all breeds at all stages of life.
Our focus is to understand each dogs needs to help owners enhance the quality of life for their companions, while building rewarding, inclusive and loving relationships.
We use specialised training techniques that address behaviour, temperament and sociability to best meet the needs of the dog and its owners.

Training for all stages of life.

It's never too late to start training your dog

Behaviour can be learnt and modified at any age however the earlier you start and maintain, the more engrained the behaviours will become. Maintaining training activities at all ages results in a happier and more satisfied dog, creating a stronger bond between yourself and your furry companion.
A dog thrives on pleasing their owners, therefore with professional training for both owner and dog, along with owner commitment, you will have a more fulfilling and trusting relationship.

Are you experiencing any of these BEHaviours with your dog?

These are some of the common problems many owners experience and if not addressed usually worsen over time.
We offer training solutions to help your dog understand what you need from them in these situations,
resulting in a more calm, confident and better behaved dog.

  • Pulling on the Lead

    Who's really walking who? Walking your dog should be a pleasurable experience for both dog and owner, not a frustrating one.


    Are you constantly repeating yourself? Does your dog not return to you when called? 

  • Separation Anxiety

    Does you dog whine and bark when you leave the room or house? Your dog should be content entertaining itself for reasonable periods.


    Is your dog easily triggered or excited by external noises, people or other dogs? 


    Does you dog lunge or bark at other dogs or humans while waking or enclosed at home?

  • it's a struggle when opening the FRONT DOOR

    Can you calmly open a door to greet someone without holding back your dog or worrying about your dog escaping? 

We tailor our training services to meet your dogs needs.

Every dog is unique and has different requirements to support their learning, growth and developmental skills,
therefore we offer a variety of services to best suit the needs of dogs and their owners.

Puppy Training

From 10 weeks old we can provide the foundations in building engagement and communication between owner and puppy.

Obedience Training

From 5 months old we refine the skills required to become a well behaved and socialised dog.

In Home Training

With a personal training session specifically catered to your dog’s needs, we can start training in a comfortable and safe environment free from distractions.

Short Stay Sitting

For dogs we train and are familiar with us, we offer short in-home stays providing you with peace of mind that your furry companions are being cared for in the comfort of their own environment.

Meet some of the Dogs Life TRAINING family.


hear from some of our happy owners.

Tammy & Anthony - Chevy
We absolutely love our weekly training sessions with Sean. Not only is he educating our puppy but also us. We have seen such an improvement in a matter of weeks/months. He is extremely educated, kind and patient. The perfect combination.
Rachel - Shadow
Sean is an experienced dog handler and connects with your dog. He goes the extra mile. Shadow looks forward to her training session every week. He is very skilled at what he does and shows care. I highly recommend Dogs Life Training Services as a reliable trainer for all your doggy needs.
Nick & Gaby - Remy 
Sean came into our lives, he taught our boy how to behave while on walks, Sean even trained us and now we get people approaching us and commenting on how gorgeous and well behaved our boy is. Do yourselves all a favour, get Sean into your dogs life now, he will save you all that heartache or a heart attack...
Jess - Keith
Sean is a very knowledgable, passionate and dedicated dog trainer. His regular Walk and Train services has provided my dog and I the skills and understanding we need to enjoy our day to day life together. Thanks Dogs Life!! We highly recommend their training services!

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